Sunday, February 25, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: On Kinsley

I could have saved myself one great snit had I skipped Michael Kinsley’s article yesterday in Time. When I was solidly in the democratic court of politics I used to listen to him and really didn't like him then. He had such a wild stunned look in his eyes, as though he was constantly amazed at how brilliant he found himself to be.

In the article I read yesterday, it turns out he is just an old holdover from the Vietnam era. He feels these hippie movements saved literally thousands of lives with their demonstrations. I have not found that to be the case. Every radical group needs to have a defining issue to bring them together. Like Sheehan, it was anti-war. But as the mother of one of those hippies, I found that they knew as little about war as I know about putting together a cure for cancer. It was not the war in Vietnam that was at fault, but the fact that we were not allowed to win the darn thing. It was no different then as now. The thought of withdrawal before the completion of a goal in war is never a solution. If there is a war, it should be fought with all the might that can be thrown behind it. If anyone believes that Cindy Sheehan really cares about the death of our military men and women they need to grow up. It is her way of showing a shaved head to get attention. This is a communist movement just as it has always been, Note that the very first thing she did was give up a belief in God. Is this what we want to follow by our elected officials? To give up our God given right to believe in what we came to together in this country in the very beginning: the right to freedom of religion. It seems we are sinking further into an abyss of unbelief. Life is just a short span in the eternal plan of things laid down by our Creator.

Hitler went into Russia in order to capture the oil and other natural resources contained there. It was on his way to capture world dominion for his thousand years Reich. The great defining issue was to blame all the troubles of his country on the Jews. Pogrom is a massacre of helpless people, particularly Jews. It is genocide. The complete killing of a nationality or race. I have never understood the hatred of the Jews by other races. It is a peaceful and dutiful obedience to the laws set down in the first five books of the Bible. The Jewish race has never asked for anything other than to live their life out worshiping Jehovah God. For this there was over six million slaughtered by Hitler during World War II.

In 1948, during the Nuremburg trials, a demand was mad to account for these atrocities. Yet today the same thing is going on. The early Jews were firm believers in turning the other cheek. Finally there came the Zionist who believed in fighting back and they established a little homeland that is now Israel.

I get really aggravated at someone like Barbra Streisand who is full blood Jewish and yet will not turn a hand in order to protect her own flesh and blood. A Jew is a Jew. Just as any race, it has nothing to do with what religion you practice or do not practice. The Jews wait for the coming of the Messiah where we the Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah. The Jews do not include the New Testament in their worship, but in the eleventh chapter of Romans, we of the Christian faith are warned that the Jews are the root of our salvation and that they are dearly beloved by God as an elected people.

That aside, what religion was practiced by the tiny babies that were slaughtered by Hitler and others before him? None. They were just innocents. The cry or the laughter of a child is the same in any race. It is the first language of all humanity. We are warned over and over that to harm one of these. It is absolutely forbidden. A millstone around the neck and being tossed into the middle of the sea is preferable to the judgment that will come upon us.

In a war, many innocents will die. That is true. But when someone like Saddam Hussein can use poison gas to wipe out thousands of Kurdish citizens, then we have allowed genocide. When the events of 9/11 came upon us, we were compelled to fight an evil that could no longer be ignored. It comes from the root of evil. It is an Evil Empire. It is communism to the core. Christians are the enemy to this madness.

Vladimir Putin is a communist. We are a threat to him and others who are like him. We are the enemies of radical Islam, of the followers of the sun god, of so many different sects that it is impossible to name them all. We are few. We are the enemies of these monsters and they will not be satisfied until we are wiped off the face of the earth.

Ahmadinejad made it perfectly clear what he wanted with nuclear power, and that was to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Michael Kinsley is a friend to our enemies. He would set back and ignore the ones who would wipe out all those who believe in Jehovah God. He would be among those who shout “peace”, peace when there is no peace. They are condemned by God as false prophets. They are sadly among our top leaders and would withhold our military the funds to fight the War on Terror. They do not SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!

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