Thursday, February 15, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: Stuff

I couldn't believe it when I looked at the clock in the wee hours this morning. Happiness to me is books to read and as I mentioned before, I have three new ones by Herman Wouk. I had another one started by another author and spent the last two nights finishing it. It was a mystery and also a continuation of a book I had read before. The title of the one I finished is Sliver of Truth by Lisa Unger. She is really pretty good and has a unique style quite different from other mystery writers. Her first book was Beautiful Lies and one really needs to read her work in sequence. I think it would be hard to really catch on otherwise. I was aware of what I’d be reading in my new books by Mr. Wouk and could hardly wait to get started on those. However, having read one novel by Ms. Unger and after much time invested in this novel, I knew it would be hard to pick up again and still hold the thread of the story. At any rate, when I looked at the clock, it was nearly three in the morning.

Anna Nicole Smith, Anna Nicole Smith. Can you believe it? It is as if some really big world leader that affects the War on Terror has died. My heart is sad for her in the fact that somewhere along the way she did not find a greater goal than being a sex symbol. I worry that she passed from this life without finding something more. God alone knows what shaped her life. Of course, anyone can say just about anything about her at this point, and who is around to dispute it? I wonder if no one could have made her choose something more than such a pitiful life style. Then again, you think about a female astronaut that pulled what ours did and an Air Force sergeant that had more or less risen to the top of her chosen profession, and then acted out such deplorable conduct, so one can't keep from wondering what is wrong with us as a society. The sergeant posed nude for Playboy Magazine. Shades of Anna Nicole all over again. What a shame. The female space cadet turned out to be just another jealous woman in lust for another man. Pity. To achieve so much and toss it aside. Guess we never learn. I really have a problem with the Anna Nicole hype though. It is just too much for someone that contributed so little and came to a tragic end. May God have mercy on her and I know He will.

When I look at the entertainment industry today I see how low we set our standards for those we admire. Our politics have become not much more and the entertainment industry is running with the ball. It confirms my opinion about my lack of confidence in Al Gore. He really looked good to me back in the 80's when he was one of the contenders for president. He has fallen continually since that time. I don’t really remember what I liked about him at the time.

At any rate I always spent convention night at Mom’s and got my first look at Bill Clinton as one of the principal speakers. Mother grew very impatient with his lengthy speech and had a dim view of him. If she only had of known then that he’d eventually run for President, she would have started right then finding plus signs for him. She was party vote all the way. I really think she and Daddy were Democrats because of the Great Depression and World War II. Hoover and Roosevelt. But my parents were always military all the way no matter the party. Commander-in-Chief was a big thing to them, as was freedom, so I know that they would SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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