Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: Just Tacky

I see on the net where the Dixie Chicks won five Grammy's. This should surprise no one who watches what goes on in Hollywood as entertainment. I didn't even know the Grammys were on but would not have wasted my time with them anyway. I am certain that so far as I'm concerned that the day of beautiful music is gone forever. In fact, I can't understand how anyone can get into the present day form of music. I didn't catch on to Prince's phallic symbolism with his guitar during half time entertainment of the Super Bowl. I had to see it pointed out later by the newspaper. When the giant sheet of material was blowing and it showed his shadow with his guitar through it was indeed made to look as if it was this penis organ and was truly disgusting. If this then is what is considered half-time entertainment then color me out.

I also did not get to bed in time to do much reading for I flipped the channel to the westerns channel and enjoyed Robert Mitchem, Kirk Douglas, and Richard Widmark in The Way West. I saw this years ago when it was a mini-series. I enjoyed it just as much last night. They were fabulous actors. Nothing like what passes for our heroes in today's movies. Before that one came on I saw just the tail-end of a western featuring Joel McCray. He was another hero to me. All of these will be forever ideals. It took no tricks with guitars and lighting to spell macho. They were macho. I had the biggest crush on Robert Mitchem as a young girl. I must ask Kayla who is the hunk for today. I haven't a clue. George Clooney seems to be right up there, but he seems to be another Rock Hudson. He runs around with the girls but his heart is not in it. He is also a loud mouth who is forever voicing his opinions and his completely liberal view in politics.

I will wager that we are in for a rough season in politics without those numbskulls spouting off. I never knew what party the three in The Way West belonged to. At one time they were just all patriots behind our military and they left the stage of life with none of us any wiser. Now we have someone like George Clooney who makes fun of Charlton Hesston because he has Alzheimer’s. So how cool is that? Have we really gotten to the point that our dreamboats can make fun of another actor because he is a victim of a dread disease—and on national television? How absolutely tacky. I can hardly wait until he becomes old news just like Tom Cruise. These idiots get it into their heads that we equate talent with wisdom, which really is not so.

The Dixie Chicks are back in as far as their musician pals are concerned. I really believe that this is just another political statement from that vast array of talent and that it has about as much to do with knowledge as Princes' guitar have to do with his masculinity...Nothing. SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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