Friday, February 16, 2007

Test Review for Test Three: Part One

Test Review will of course be a little different from the test itself, but if you know the info on the review, you won't have any problem with the test itself. Photos are not shown here.

Multiple Choice= 4 pts. each for a total of 20 pts.

1. This poster depicts:

a.) USN Ensign George Gay Torpedo Sqd. 8 dropping his torpedo at the Battle of Midway. After clearing carrier deck he is shot down, rear gunner was already dead and the rest of Torpedo Squadron 8 have all been shot down. Ensign George Gay would be forever known from this day on as "Sole Survivor".

b. The Capture of U-505 by USS Guadalcanal on June 4, 1944

c. The Japanese tried again the next day, this time with 27 "Betty" bombers fitted with aerial torpedoes and an escort of 15 "Zeros".

d. none of the above


2. Ensign Gay

a. is the Artist of Fallen Heroes Project

b. was the sole survivor of the Torpedo Squadron 8

c. De’on’s First Sergeant in Panama

d. both a & b


3. General MacArthur

a. "General MacArthur" was prize fleece buck at a 1942 Goat Show and Sale at Rocksprings, Texas. He sold at auction for $530.

b. served as the Supreme Allied Commander of the Southwest Pacific theater during World War Two.

c. ran in the primaries for the highest office in our nation in 2004

d. both a & b


4. “a body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted on by an external force.” is a statement of:

a. Ensign Gay’s to Life Magazine’s editor after he was the Sole Survivor of the Torpedo Squadron 8.

b. Newton’s 1st Law

c. thought of Benjamin Franklin’s expressed in the 1868 publication of “Bright Ideas”

d. was never posted on Gunz Up.


5. The Bicentennial Inaugural involves which 2 dates?

a. 1786-1886
b. 1789-1999
c. 1789-1989
d. none of the above

5. This photo

a. is an example of a literary cartoon
b. is from an episode of I Love Lucy
c. was drawn by the editor of Gunz Up
d. none of the above

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