Friday, February 16, 2007

THE TEST PRIZE and final portion of Test 3: Remember this?

50 cents = 1 pair of sandals

$1.00 = 1 pair of rain boots

Michael T. Larkin


Camp Phoenix, AF

APO, AE 09320

Make Checks Payable to:

Michael Larkin or

The Afghan Children’s Fund

Thanks for your help and please remember you don’t only help out these kids but you are also helping save soldiers lives.


ESSAY: 30 pts.

Choose between Peter Hurd or Michael Reagan (both are artists) and write an essay of approx. 300 words (use your word count on WORD or write a full page (single-space) of text.

As before, don’t worry about spellings or mechanics. I can fix those for publishing. It’s the thought and detail I’m looking for. They are artists. Make me feel their art.

Cumulative points earned on EACH test entered will earn 10 cents for each point. This money will be donated to The Afghan Children’s Fund in the name of the contestant.

Essay winner gets published on Gunz Up and writes up and administers "Test Four," which I will be required to take.

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