Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Quick Note

This has started off to be a great Sunday! I've enjoyed all of us sharing our stories, memories and ourselves. It makes me think I will do Aaron's photos of the last time we saw him over the next day or so. Today, Sunday, is the last day I touched him. Of course, the dates were different because Valentine's Day was on Saturday in 2004 and it's on Wednesday this year (help me to remember to renew my driver's license as they expire on that day.)

But I won't hold off sharing those memories until leap year. I think we all know what a year can bring! And they are fun pictures. He had them with him in Iraq. Tonya, my cousin, was always faithful to make sure Aaron had a copy of all the pictures. She's a lovebug and adored Aaron.

However, I will have to wait until I have time to get them out of the chest and scan them. I will also scan a photo of my Uncle Mickey from the time Mom wrote about in her post. He was so handsome!

But anyway, Dad did not have a good morning it seems and Lisa and I will be going to the hospital to check out the situation. He's disoriented (because he also has congestive heart problems) and we will be gone for a while. Please keep Dad (Harvey Grigsby) in your prayers.

My love and thanks to all.

Semper Fi,

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