Thursday, February 15, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: The Faith of a Mustard Seed

Went to the book store yesterday while in Lubbock and got to purchase three, yes three books by Herman Wouk. I now just lack about three more to having read all of his when I finish with these. One is Don't Stop the Carnival. This author really excites me. Anyone who reads my posts knows that my greatest passion is reading. Mr. Wouk is now one of my favorite authors. I also purchased The Hope and The Winds of War. So my life is good. I really am such a dull person I suppose. Give me a good book and some alone time and I am a happy camper. One of these books is about the returning Jews to their homeland after they were nearly wiped out by Adolph Hitler during World War II. Such insanity and such cruelty to grip an entire nation is hard to imagine, and yet it happened. The rest of the world stood by while this was happening, while millions of innocent people were slaughtered.

Monsters do rule in high places and if the United States is not careful we will become the victims of just such a slaughter. Why did Hitler hate the Jews and want to do away with them completely? Because the Jewish race is a smart and talented race. But even more, their record keeping of the history of mankind has withstood the test of time over and over. If we give the Taliban and Radical Islam a chance, we of the Christian faith will be wiped out. In truth we will be anyway. The mad man Fidel Castro used his country Cuba to let Russia install an atomic missile sight with weapons aimed at the USA. We came within two minutes of the world as we know it, having ended forever. We are setting the page of our history to do so again. Do you feel helpless about it at times? I do. I know that God will have his way in the storm of our life. That should be enough for everyone. The Bible says "In all ways acknowledge him and he will direct thy paths.” Sometimes it seems hopeless. I have to remind myself that I am finite and that God is infinite.

The last few years I have wanted more and more to have reason to ask that my faith be increased. Yet day by day the trials come that diminish that faith until lately all I have to offer is that mustard seed of faith. Knowing that it is impossible to please God without faith is the constant challenge we face everyday. That we have people that are power hungry and have no faith even equal to that of a mustard seed as a ruler of this world is hard to understand. What is the amount of faith that is contained within this little round seed? In fact what is a seed? A seed has the ability to lie dormant for years but when dropped to the ground and the right conditions prevail, it has the uncanny ability to become a live and growing thing that will produce the process of regeneration all over again. What is the faith of a mustard seed? It is that core within to spring into life and give birth to life. What is faith? It is the ability to see the disarray of a world gone mad around us and still believe in spite of it all. “When I heard, my belly trembled and rottenness entered my bones that I might rest in the day of trouble. Although the fig tree will not blossom; neither the fruit be in the vines; the labor of the olive tree shall fail, and the field shall yield no meat; the flock shall be cut off from the fold and there shall be no herd in the stall.”

It is no small thing that this president can stand in face of these odds. That he can profess the success of a mission that was thrust upon him by an enemy we didn't even know about. But he is a praying man, a man of faith and one who knows that he is dependent upon God to carry out his mission. That God will remember the faith of a mustard seed and that with the mustard seed of our president’s faith, to the one carried within my heart, I will believe this though all odds are against it. I dare to believe that God will always be there just in time. That is faith times two. It is enough. Please pray for and do SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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