Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Marine Moms Online

Why Does My Son Want to be A Marine?

The reasons why some young Americans have chosen to become
United States Marines
As told by their mothers, fathers, wives, and other loved ones
…I wondered the same thing. I'm not really sure I know that answer other than some are born warriors. "Somebody has to do it....." I'm so very grateful for those who do, but I've always questioned why it has to be my son. When we asked him, one of the answers was, "I just have to know I can do it." Of course, we received the "I want to serve my country" answer as well. I guess we are just supposed to turn them over to God, the One who created them to be what He wanted them to be, and allow our sons the space to become whatever that is.

…I felt exactly the same way when my son announced his plans. He had a baseball scholarship at a nearby college and wanted to turn Pro and play ball every day. Then he crashed his dreams and signed up. I think part of him wanted to prove he could do something by himself. His dad divorcing me at the same time didn't help. First year in college, and his parents split up. Just stand by him...he will question his decision a million times while he is in boot camp and when he is posted on a base he will occasionally question himself again...once he goes over there, he will question himself again! He is a young man who you have raised beautifully. Trust your good parenting...and keep the faith...it is only 8 years of his long life! Write lots of encouraging letters and don't expect a lot back, they have very little precious time alone to sit and write a letter, but when it comes, so will the tears! Be ready!
…My son was determined to become a Marine from the time he was 11 years old. Yes, I think it is a "calling" of sorts. My son has always wanted to push himself physically and mentally. He wants to know how good he can be....how strong....how committed. He is also intensely patriotic. He wants to serve his country. Entering the Marines was the only choice that fulfilled all those desires. He is now intensely proud of what he has accomplished and so proud to be a Marine. We are so proud of him we could bust!

…I told my son, “No don’t join the Marines… Air Force, Navy, Army, any branch of the service but the Marines”. I think it was his rebellious spirit that made him do it. And now, I am very proud of him and stand by his decision completely.

…I ask myself this very same question almost on a daily basis. The only answer that I can come up with is that we raised some pretty special young people! I look around at some of the kids today and find myself thinking, "They don't have a clue as to what life is all about."

…When I asked him why, he told me, "Mom, I've thought about this a lot. We take and take all our lives; I want to do something to give back to someone."

…Be very proud of your son. You did a great job raising him. Not every mother can say, "My son is a United States Marine"!!!!!!

…I replayed the scene of US Marshals pulling in my drive in a highly tinted windowed black Crown Vic or Lincoln Town Car many nights and every time I thought "What would I say" or How would I feel IF that really happened and I think I would just have to find peace in the fact that he was doing what he LOVED, what HE CHOSE to do, what many others did not have the "ka-hoonas" to do...what was GOOD and HONORABLE and what made and still makes this country the best in the world. My son LOVES being a Marine....he may not like all the other Marines but by golly let them get somewhere and someone say something to one of those guys and you better believe that every Marine in ear shot will be there....it is a brotherhood like you would not believe....and it will always be like that.....I find peace in that he has thousands ready willing and able to "get his back" and to fight for him just as they do for us.
Thanks, Diane!

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